Coffee Addiction, Food, Sunshine, Internship Plus Raiding my Sisters’ Wardrobe

  No I am not going to completely blame my lack of commitment lately on my Coffee Addiction. But I would say it definitely has played a huge part somehow. Ok thats just a whole lot of shit lol. Hope you all been ok, my apologise for not posting frequently lately. If it makes it any better, all my social media platforms where also neglected too.

On the other hand though, I have not been a complete failure. Yes I have accepted my coffee addiction but also finally got my hands on an internship too. People always ask me what me ultimate goal in life is, its to becomes a fashion designer. Working towards this, I finally started a pattern cutting internship, hard but really exciting. I shall keep you guys updated with my progress as it goes. 

Also tried out turtle bay over the weekend, will post up my review and experience on a different post soon. It was a treat from my sister and a totally beautiful one at that. With the sun finally out in London, nothing like being able to spend time and go places with those you love. Also, we are both huge fan of food, which most people find really hard to believe or accept because of our size! 

Lastly, yes I  fully raided her wardrobe to create this look and I have no shame admitting it. Aside from my glasses, everything else belong to her. She collects really beautiful timeless pieces like this dress, which are very rare these days. Surprisingly, they usually come from everyones’ favourite shops like Missguided, Asos or Topshop. She just has really good eyes for details and style; What more can I say, it runs in the family.

In my effort to not neglect my responsibilities too much, I shall also upload a new Lookbook Video tonight. Make sure to be Subscribe so you don’t miss it, this look along with a few others would be feautured. Wishing everyone an amazing weekend, enjoy the sunshine and stay beautiful!

Love Promise x




To Get My Look – Get a Sister :p 

Dress: Missguided || Shoes: Topshop|| Glasses: Primark|| Earrings: New Look

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