Cocktail Master Class, Forro + City of God – A Complete Taste of Brazilian Culture at Juju’s Bar

This week I was given the opportunity to glimpse into a world that showcases Brazilian Culture at its fineness. Brazilian Culture is something very new to me, I have never had their food, dance or even been around its people before now. So when I was told I could interview and take part in a Forro class, I jumped right at it.

Forro is an afro Brazilian traditional dance, less known than Samba but every beat as sensual and beautiful.To say I had so much fun would be an understatement! we were so engrossed in its charms no one wanted to leave even after the class had ended. Another thing that was really beautiful about this classes is their lack of gender discrimination. You can dance with anyone, male or female. I had never been so close to strangers before in my life; I mean complete body to body yet I can’t wait to do it again!

Not wanting to miss out on all the fun, I danced barefooted. Eek I know, but you would understand and most likely do the same if you was in my shoes. As its my first time ever, I was really sceptical at first; questioning if I would like it? what to wear there etc. Choreographed dance arrangements are not my strong points, I just decided an open mind was all I really needed. Our dance instructors where superb though, they got us all into the vibe pretty quickly and easily. A good dancer or not, you came out feeling pretty confident in your own feet afterwards.

I only became aware of Forro and attended the dance class thanks to Block Party Cinema. They organise Black and multicultural Movies events at unique locations in London. To give their audience an even better experience, they infuse their movie dates with brilliant activities and culture. Their idea is so unique and appealing I really wanted to be a part of it all. A very decent alternative to your usual standard basic cinema ordeals.

City of God is the next movie that would be screened by Block Party Cinema at Juju’s Bar and Stage in East London. A breathtaking location in the heart of Brick Lane, Shoreditch. Spacious with a minimalistic rustic interior that embodies everything East London stand for. Lest I forget, a Brazilian cocktail master class will also be taken place too at the screening. As a true alcoholic ( lol am not that bad … I think ) this is a real treat.

 For only £10 a Ticket, you get an Afro-Samba dance class, Do it like Rio VR experience and a pre film party. Your ticket also include the Brazilian Cocktail making class along with a free tub of ice cream courtesy of Simply Ice Cream. It really doesn’t get any better than this; and for only £10 too! Guys, you would be crazy to miss out on it.

Scroll down to see some of the pre images I got of some of the amazing organisers and contributors of the event. To avoid being disappointed, Click here to obtain your Tickets too. Its an event like no other, mixing lots of different activities so its no surprise the tickets are selling out fast. I hope you guys get you hands on a pair before they are all gone and hopefully see you all there!

Love Promise x






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