Valentine’s Day Bliss

Happy Valentine’s Day sugars! Ok I won’t lie I ain’t even with all these love business this year. I have interview and work and more coming out my a** that I don’t see what love can do for me right now đŸ˜­đŸ™„đŸ¤£ However, I am never one to spoil others day. Guys do enjoy your […]

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Outgoing Yet Struggling with Anxiety? Not Alone – My Tips for Coping With Anxiety

When it comes to struggling with anxiety, people usually do not associate it with outgoing individuals. It almost seems like both can never align with each other. How can you assume I have no worries just because am outgoing? Surely stuffs like struggling with anxiety and depression is not exclusive only to introverts, right? This […]

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Yes Blogging is a Real Job! 9 Tranferrable Skills I learnt From Being a Blogger

Primarily, I am a Blogger & Youtuber. I am proud to be one because its something I genuinely enjoy doing. Even though I am not as immensely successful as some big bloggers out there yet, I still enjoy doing it. It is not less of a professional job, like most snobs would rather believe. Usually […]

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