Heatwave Getting to you, Visit Wahaca For a Chill Taste of Mexican Street Food + Drink

Hey guys, Wahaca Mexican restaurant is my current summer crush for 2017. The food, environment, service and general vibe agrees so much with me. I keep trying to lure everyone close to me there; like ooh lets just go Wahaca then! Been asked twice already this week to recommend somewhere nice to hang out in […]

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5 Confidence Building Tips that Have Helped me Grow Comfortable at Public Settings

 Happy Monday guys, I am tackling Confidence Building today as its something people often ask me about. No I am not the most confident person you would have come across, but I do do alright in events and public settings.  Regardless of what industry you choose to go into, you need confidence to survive. Fashion […]

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When is it Ever Ok to Use a Racial Slur on Anyone? Personally, I think Never

I never thought I would be addressing the issue of racial slur in 2017. I am not ignorant to think that people aren’t still using it especially in the  Hip-Hop industry. Being called the N word recently gave me my much needed boost to start my story time on youtube. To fully understand todays’ topic, click Video link. In a nutshell, […]

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