Carnival Essentials

  Confession Time! I am not organised! Like I leave everything last minute only to start rushing which is why I keep a selections of things in my bag constantly…These things I refer to as life essentials! so As promised guys here are some more tips to help you on the road this Carnival, as in your own personal life essential guild for the road! (lol I wished someone would do this for my life)

  1.  OutFit


Number 1 off cause is your Outfit! I mean Thousands if not millions of people will be turning out for this years Notting Hill festival as they always do so looking your best and comfortable is my ultimate advice. Choice wisely and think of any emergencies that could possible occur ie falling accidents, spillage etc … remember, your outfit is your Armour…lol


2) Footwear 

I mean lets face it…not only does your choice of footwear compliments your whole outfit, it actually is the main decider of your comfort through out the whole day! My advice? wear your must comfortable pair of trainers; this way you look stylish, in trend and comfortable to take on whatever situations arises…trust me this is not an occasion for wearing heels ladies ( except if you are an almighty pro in the game) & guys really if I was you, I would favour a used pair over a brand new one ( just in case ) 

3) Water, Face Cloth or Towel & Hand Sanitizer

Really important essentials here guys, I mean keeping yourself hydrated should be top of your list. If you not a fan of water, add some limes or fruits like oranges and strawberries for added taste but do keep your drink light and as natural as possible. Face towels and hand sanitizers will also come in super handy for sweats or spillage and keeping bacterials away. Lastly as I almost forgot, Tissues! Really needed for every and any situations.


4) Bag

My personal preference would be a back pack or a waist bag or better still both! Backpack has its pros and cons: it can take alot of items like your water bottle, a spare sweater or jacket, umbrella etc however its on your back which you can’t see! ( not good ) so I say put your non important items inside your backpack and carry a waist bag for your important items like wallet with cash and bank cards, keys, phone etc. This way you can see your things and not worry about anyone stealing them. Either of them will do too, if you don’t intend to carry much then a waist bag will easily get the job done.

5) Bodysprays or Dedorant

This really is a must! Like you finally get talking with this hot guy or beautiful girl you’ve had your eyes on for ok lets say for some long minutes now lol….. but you all sweaty and sticky (not attractive at all by the way) and your confidence is taking a tumble for the worst and your hot crush is slowly slipping away!!! just think about that for a sec… So yes take some extra smell good items like a pocket perfume, body spray and even wet wraps if you need to and keep the numbers flowing! While not get some chewing gums or mites too? after all no harm in them.

6) Press Powder 

Ok to be fair this is more for my ladies… I mean after slaving to slay that face of yours am sure you do not want to rub it all off or ruin it with a face towel…No worries your press powder will also handle the job just fine..Keep it close and use when necessary 

So yes guys after considering this tips and a few more I decided on this outfit as my first choice for Carnival this year! The distress Dungarees can hold on to my important things like keys, phones and money while my backpack can do the rest. The blush pink jumper compliments my skin in a subtle way while the hat also is serving a possible, keeping the hair out my face…staying true to my word, I will be swapping my heels for a nice comfroty trainers! 

There where a few other bits and pieces that were subtly mentioned or didn’t make the list like Tissue, Umbrella ( which hopefully won’t be needed) Money – cash preferably, Tampon for the ladies & a portable Phone charger.

I really hope this post proves useful to you all going to the Notting Hill Carnival starting tomorrow and any other carnival around the world. I tried to cover as much as possible so do choice what you need & Remember to have fun and be safe…

More Carnival Outfit Ideas can be seen at …. do make sure to check it out

Love Promise x

Photos by Kate Dyomina

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