Body Insecurities – 7 Things I Really Hate About my Body + How I deal With them

Some days you love yourself more than other days, that’s mainly how Body Insecurities work. Lucky for some, they get to love themselves more days than they hate what they see in the mirror. For Others, its the other way round and who can blame them? Body Insecurities is on the rise for all gender and ages thanks to social media and its delusional ideals. 

You have to look like this, speak like this and live in a certain location to be considered something worth looking at. Social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter paints a picture prefect world for all to emulate. With the standard unrealistically high, we have also become insatiable. Trying to live a lifestyle that is privilege to only a very few soon brings insecurities and a sense of lacking. 

Hence my recent Video on Body Insecurities endeavour to focus on the tangible things rather than materialistic things. I refuse to feel insecure able being short, poor or not ‘Instagram beautiful enough’. It is close minded to assume that we all have to look a certain way to be considered beautiful. Beauty as well as flaws comes in all shapes, races and sizes. In order for me to accept my flaws and happily live with them, I must first realise that we all are walking bundles of beauty and flaws. 

To be constantly embarrassed for the way my head is shaped or the way we smile is to lead an unhappy life. So instead, I focus on changeable tangible things like scares on my legs or even my elbows being too dark. What are the difference?  well they do not stop me from sleeping well at night. I do not think ‘ oh my elbows are too dark I can not go out of the house’. Not that I am avoiding addressing the bigger issues but genuinely do not find big things to be insecure about.

I am not prefect, therefore dwelling on things that I can not change will only make it become an issue. A good example is if I suddenly decide that I do not like my nose anymore, I will become conscious of them instantly. By doing this, I have invoked something in me that will lead to my becoming insecure with my nose. To not make it an issue, I have to not pay them any attention in the first place.

One of the most scary thing for me is seeing lots of young and old people falling for social trends. Mostly set by people whom have modified themselves too. No wonder you can not get your butt to look like hers despite following all her instructions; she did not get it through those same methods either. Neither did he really build all those muscle from swallowing those sets of pills and milkshakes. Those standards are set on lies and illusion and to aspire to them is unhealthy.

I have had a really good feedback from those around me whom had seen my 7 things I hate about my body video. Generally, most people describe me as a confident which I can be. However, I still do have my own insecurities although not unrealistic. Generally, I tend to lean towards being grateful for whom I am. They’re lot of people with real issues like physical and mental disabilities that they can not do anything about. Trying to look like some else or something you are not diverts your focus from seeing the beauty in the real you.

Curious about the 7 things I focus on? Click here to view the Video. Also, drop down your own insecurities below too in the comment section if you are feeling brave enough. My goal is not to embarrass anyone but to inspire you all to let them go so they become tangible too. 

Love Promise x

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