5 Tips for Making Black and White Monochrome Office Outfit Stand Out

Todays’ post is all about renewing the basic Black and White monochrome look that most professional environment requires. I am all about finding new ways to excite myself and others through fashion. As classic as the Black and White monochrome is, its also become most school kids uniform which can be depressing at times.

So here are 5 tips to help you stand apart without having to let go of this beautiful classic colour palette. Firstly, wear loose or bigger trousers instead of tight fitted cotton pairs. This will look more effortless and mature. Unlike teenage school kids whom would rather their Black and White uniform extremely fitted. 

Secondly, wear details puffy or layered blouses, Shirts or tops especially if you decided to go for more fitted trousers or skirts. Tops like the oversize sleeves, frills and ruffles also promotes a much more interesting and mature approach to fashion.

Thirdly, avoid blazers except if you’re able to wear them as a dress or on their own without a shirt underneath. For most people, wearing a blazer with only a bra underneath is not acceptable so don’t wear blazers. Instead wear cute interesting and exciting tops like I mentioned above.

Fourthly, Use interesting accessories such as neck pieces, watches, shoes and bags to add character. Below you can see that I have opted for a yellowish print heels rather than a black or white pair of shoes. You are instantly drawn to my footwear rather than it melting away with the rest of my monochrome outfit. I also left some buttons undone along with favouring two different neck pieces for that extra effect.

Lastly, wear sunglasses; they make everything stand out. I have an insane amount of sunnies because even on days when I feel the lowest they help. Personally, I have noticed that I feel more confidence and matured when I have them on. Which I have also found to be the case for most people I come in contact with.

Here you have it, my 5 top tips for making Black and White monochrome outfit stand out, I have also uploaded my Summer fashion haul Video too. Hope these tips have been helpful to someone and speak to you guys real soon.

Love Promise xx



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Shirt:  Asos | Trousers: Next | Bag: Zara | Shoes: River Island | Glasses: New Look

Photos by Amanda – Jayne Eason 

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