Beautiful Flaws

Happy Sunday guys! I had an amazing weekend; I don’t usually get to attend alot of weddings but I did yesterday & it was not only magical but totally colourful & classy so I must say my congratulation to the lovely couple for being super cute and pulling off such a beautiful ceremony. Ok now that thats out the way, I wanted to talk a bit about myself today…lol not much just you know how every girl has something or two that they don’t Like about themselves? well yes one of mine is my upper arms! they super massive and makes me feel like I have a massive upper body compared to my lower body but on the plus side I have learnt to not only accept it but also work with it ….because in life we always going to have that one or many things that we not entirely comfortable with, however its our responsibilities to make them work for us somehow!

Today Outfit is pretty simple; if you all know anything about me by now then you know that as much as I like being daring, I also love comfortable & loose clothing. I honestly believe in less is more when selecting my garments so I not only select pieces of clothing that I like but also one that works alone! This ensures that I don’t waste time looking for pairs for days when am feeling super lazy. I am still totally loving my transparent glitters heels so please don’t judge me too much & have a great week ahead!

Love Promise

Top/Dress: H&M // Shoes: Simmi Shoes // Glasses: H & M// Bag: Zara//Choker: DIY

                                                                  Photos: Favour Ebede

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