My Kind of Bad and Boujee Outfits Anti-Spring Lookbook in Missguided

For my anti-Spring look, Bad and Boujee Outfits was the only thing in my head. I was hoping I could post them a little earlier but have got the flu for weeks now. Glad I still got around to posting them even now. 

Honestly, the anti-spring title was just an excuse to show of some seriously put together bad and boujee outfits. To know that I was not even a big fan of that song when it first came out is even funnier. This is why they say to never say never, its literally my life anthem at the moment. The music video and cast attitudes finally sold it to me.

I stayed up till 4 am editing/posting as I was so determined to have the lookbook up by daylight, . Nether-less to say that I really hope its as well received as my First Spring Lookbook. This lookbook is focused on those who are not so fond of patterns, bold colours or flowery prints. Hence the grey, black, daring, almost rebellious vibe running through each looks. 

It features pieces like Extreme distress denims, washed greys, sweatshirts, body harness, fishnets and more. Creating these bad and boujee outfits, I wanted looks that where hard but wearable. Attempting to make jogger bottoms and sweatshirts fashionables in a chic and delightful way was lots of fun too. 

So where did I get the pieces to create my bad and boujee outfits, well my usual favourites shops. Missguided of course as they are totally babes; Bershka, Stardivarus plus more. This Time around I honestly attempted to go out of my comfort zone by shopping in places I usually won’t. New look and Miss Selfridge made the list, hopefully I can broaden this even further next time. 

I have had this cut-out snakeskin pattern boot which is from a website called for a while now. They are so super comfortable despite the height and I love that its well constructed . The rest items: grey wash asymmetric skirt, Sweatshirt, fishnet socks and glasses are all from Missguided.

Click here to see the Anti-Spring Lookbook and for direct links to items worn ( For those still in stock ). I will still be posting each looks here too just so I can talk about them more, however click for a head start. As always, do not forget to let me know what you guys think; hate or love, hopefully Love and speak to you all real soon. 

Love Promise X

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