My Basic Affordable Simple Face Care Everyday Routine for Flawless Skin

For my Simple face care routine, I stick to minimalism and necessities. One of the worst things I believe you can do to your face is products hoping. Brands hoping is also just as bad when it comes to face care as not all brand is going to work for you. Also not all products from your preferred brands are going to work for you either. 

This post is not about the products or brands that I use, those would come later as I have quit a random selection of them. Rather, it’s a dos and don’ts for those of you who still do not know where to start from. In a listing order, here are some of my simple face care tips:

  1. Identify Your Skin Type: Honestly, I have been blessed with a good skin combination and till late lived in oblivion. I was one of those people who didn’t care about what I used until I started reacting badly to them. Also not knowing if I had dry skin or oily combination skin meant my product knowledge was very weak. Selecting random products especially for the face is a definite no no, you need to know you skin type to select the right products for you.
  2. Use The Right Products: It is one to Know your skin type and another to actually make use of that knowledge. For your basic simple face care routine your don’t have to spend lots. Especially if you already know what skin combination type you have, you just need to buy the right things. Even on a budget you can still get good products. There are lots of low end brands that works just as good as the high ends once do.
  3. Separate your Face from Your Body: This is like a must. Your body cream, soap and towel should not be used on your face, like ever!. Ok except every once in a while when it simply can’t be avoided. However, do not make it a routine, get separate towels, soaps and creams for your face and body. These things are often inexpensive and actually forms the basic for a good face care routine.
  4. Don’t Brand / Products Hop: I said this earlier, don’t do it. When trying a product or brand for the first time, you need to give it time to work. Do not just drop to another product until you are certain you need to. Give yourself 3 to 4 months with each new product or brand except if you start reacting badly to them. Somethings takes time to reflect result, its can be same with some  products/brands too.
  5. Always, Always Clean your Face before Bed: Some people still go to bed with their makeup on. This is bad for your face and should be avoided like a plague. Going to bed with makeup does not only ruin the sheets but your skin. You need to allow your face to breath thus removing your makeup before bed is essential. Also wear no makeup or minimal makeup when possible, it is not advisable to wear makeup all the time.

For brands and actual products that I use, I would be reviewing individually. I have a dry combination skin type and endeavour to stick to only brands that uses natural products. Or a least less harsher chemical like The body shop, Dr Organic and Simple. I would also like to try out some new brands and products too, if you guys have any suggestions for me, please leave them below.

Love Promise x


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