5 Confidence Building Tips that Have Helped me Grow Comfortable at Public Settings

 Happy Monday guys, I am tackling Confidence Building today as its something people often ask me about. No I am not the most confident person you would have come across, but I do do alright in events and public settings. 

Regardless of what industry you choose to go into, you need confidence to survive. Fashion events like fashion shows, business networking, public speaking etc are things I can not avoid in my field. So here is my 5 top  tips that I realise helped me grow into a more secured person at events:

1. Dress The Part – This may just seems superficial, but it really does help! By not dressing the part, you are already setting yourself up to be bullied. Shameful as it it, most people in our society still take pleasure in looking down at others. Hence the reason you should never give them the window to succeed. Got invited anywhere, always ask for the dress code and go Slay those b*tches!

2. Dress the Part, Not Like Everyone Else! This is one that is a personal favourite of mine. Just because we are all wearing smart causal don’t mean I plan to look like this next person. Clothing can be a positive weapon of self expression, use it. What you wear speaks a thousand words, and no this has nothing to do with how much it cost!

3. Understand That it is ok to not be Liked by Everyone, Everywhere , All the Time. Its 2017, you ain’t going to be everybody’s cup of tea, deal with it. Just because you are beautiful, handsome, good manner, educated etc does not mean people would like you. Non are they oblige to either, do not force it. Find yourself with a group of people that ain’t vibing with you, oh well’ get comfortable with being by yourself. You will find people would notice and come speak to you within a matter of time. 

4. You must be willing to try and fail,  fall and get up in order to build your self confidence. Personally, I believe confidence building is a form of growth. Speaking to others in a meeting, negotiating deals, waitering and smiling etc. Whatever you job role/position is, you can’t truly grow without first building a solid self confidence. Growth and failure goes hand in hand, do not just give up only at first attempts. Fail, stand up and get back at it again! Soon you will get a hang of it.

5. Lastly, Remember that everyone is only human, irrespective of their position or status. Often, I see people who changes their tone depending on who they are speaking to. While this is a good thing to an extent, it is also quite a bad approach. To honestly become confident, I believe we all need to treat everyone with the same amount of respect. By getting into the habit of treating everyone with respect, people would notice and reciprocate.

That is it for now guys, I am no expert in Confidence Building but simply sharing some tricks and tips I have picked up along the way. Hopefully this is helpful to someone somehow.  Do have yourself a beautiful week ahead and don’t forget to shine while you are at it too 🙂 

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