Testing Lasting 24 Hours Makeup Routine + Product Unboxing

I have watched so many videos to help me achieve a lasting 24 hours makeup and I finally succeed. Makeup for me is something I just recently got into and have had to keep developing through practise. Hence all achievements are exciting; a 24 hours makeup enables me to have a long but beautiful day.

Sometimes, I have different appointments through out the day with different people, some I am meeting in person for the first time. They say first impressions is key, hence a lasting makeup is important. To achieve this, you need the right products with precise step by step applicatory method. A good 24 hours makeup foundation with a great setting spray are also important for this routine. 

Foundation is an essential makeup product that everyone needs as its sets the base for the rest of your products. When I combine my Lancøme Teint Idole Ultra 24H with my Blackup full coverage foundation, I achieve a flawless lasting look. Also setting my makeup with a fixing spray before baking helps too. I set it, bake before finishing the rest of my makeup. Then I set it again!

24 hours makeup required more products than normal so my advise is to do this sparely. Too much products on the face constantly would only cause you more harm than good in the long term. I will be shooting a video demonstration soon as I understand some people are more visual than words. If you guys would be interested in seeing how I achieve a lasting makeup look, let me know in the comment section below.

Lastly, I have uploaded a new video on my channel unboxing some makeup items that I got recently from various stores. I find I constantly needs products and want to share them all with you guys.  If you not already subscribe to my youtube channel you really should, it covers fashion, beauty, diy and more. Also click here if you would like to see the video of the unboxing and more videos already on my channel. 

Love Promise x

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